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Why Choose DLGL

Our Solution – The template to your success

We have been helping our clients achieve their goals for over 40 years. Here are some of the attributes of our HCM solution that will help your organization reach its goals as well.

Our VIP application
VIP Fully integrated HCM

  • Fully integrated HCM
  • Designed to address complex business requirements by providing the most highly configurable business rule-based application available on the market.
  • User-friendly and intuitive solution for all employees.
  • Available from anywhere on any browser, any device (desktop, tablet, mobile, etc.).
100% successful project delivery
Proven implementation methodology - 456 projects delivered, and growing
We have the privilege of serving a marquee list of customers

VIP clients have specific and complex requirements
Are multi-industry, both private and public sector
Never missed a payroll deadline
Are extremely loyal, average tenure over 14 years and growing
Established in 1980, we have always prided itself on being a leading employer in Canada
DLGL is a 100% Canadian enterprise
  • All DLGL employees – no 3rd party consultants required.
  • All subject matter experts, be it Human Resources, Payroll, Pension, IT, etc.
  • Extremely stable (we have a practically non-existent voluntary turnover rate, unheard of within our industry).

DLGL Experts - Team
We have a proven (over 40 years) 100% successful implementation methodology
Implementation - proven methodology
Ongoing support will be provided by the same people who developed and delivered your solution
DLGL Premium support
Our software solution is available with the following delivery methods

HCM Private cloud

Private Cloud On-Premise SaaS

HCM Public cloud

Premium Hosted Cloud Based SaaS via Azure


On-Premise Purchase

Clients choose from any of the above methods, or a tailored hybrid approach with full flexibility to transfer from one method to another.

We are audited annually and have successfully met the stringent SOC 2 standards for our internal controls

DLGL Audits and controls
Technology - Leading edge available now

  • Browser and device independent web application, distributed architecture, using standardized XML data-flow, with full virtualization capability.
  • Object oriented
  • Unique automation toolset to fully enable support of client specificity, its on-going maintenance and product upgrade.
  • VIP is fully operational with industry standard tools (.NET, C, Oracle). No proprietary languages used

DLGL Partners

Not only do our clients have access to extensive R&D product improvement, they also have access to the pooled R&D carried out on behalf of all of our clients. Specific functionality from any client version is available to all other clients as well. As such, you get to choose whatever new functionality is available from us or from within any client specific version based upon your own business requirements, based upon your own timeframes. There are no imposed updates initiated by us unless they are legislative and/or security based and you will always have an upgrade path to the latest and greatest when and if you want it – no risk of being left behind.

VIP Fully integrated HCM

We believe our solution provides our customers with the most benefits because we can provide “The Greatest Scope”.

Our whole solution, including software, services and technology is premised on one main driving principle: Respecting Customer Specificity.

Each and every one of our customers has its own specificity - its own unique requirements - be it software functionality, be it services required, be it solution architecture. Our customers are not “one size fits all” - our customers need solutions that can be tailored to their needs - not solutions that force them to comply with generic “one size fits all” functionality.

VIP Perfect Fit

We recognize that each client has unique requirements and as such we have designed a solution that can be custom fit for each Customer’s needs:

The software

We have the most configurable business rule-based application available on the market - meaning that customers can define all their business rules within the application and have them applied automatically and consistently.

When a customer has a unique business rule or required functionality that does not exist in our application, we can easily add (and more importantly maintain) any custom feature a customer may require - without risking the customer’s ability to continuously evolve as new features come available or have to repay to have the custom feature re done with each upgrade.

The services

Our initial implementation and ongoing professional services can be completely tailored to meet our customer’s requirements - from implementation assistant to the full execution mode, from Production Support to fully outsourced services. Our customers even determine the timing and content of all new functionality - unheard of in any other offering!

Our customers can leverage what services they need from us when they need it.

The technology

Our web-based application can be delivered in any of the following options:

  • On-Premise Purchase
  • On-Premise Purchase with Unlimited Client Timed Refreshes
  • Private Cloud On-Premise SaaS
  • Premium Hosted Cloud Based SaaS
  • Hybrid Solution tailored to specific needs

Customers can pick which option best suits their needs, with the ability to change methods any time they want.

With our approach, one that respects and supports customer specificity, we are able to deliver “The Perfect Fit” to each and every one of our customers.

Helping you to succeed – it’s what we do!

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