VIP - Professionnals services

Ongoing Support

Our initial implementation and ongoing professional support services can be completely tailored to meet your requirements – from deployment assistance to full execution, from production support to outsourced VIP specific managed services.
You even determine the timing and content of all new functionality – unheard of in any other offering!
You can leverage what services you need from us and when you need them.

Unmatched Service

At DLGL, our clients are serviced always by the same people, from system implementation to day-to-day operations.

This practice, coupled with a near 0% employee turnover rate, results in our service team becoming incredibly knowledgeable and effective relative to your specific business needs.

Fostering a work environment in which everyone is equal – and is equally responsible in providing an exceptional customer support experience – DLGL takes the concept of ‘customer support’ to an entirely new level.

Throughout the customer lifecycle, supporting team members remain intimate with your HR operations, allowing for an enduring and beneficial service relationship.

The DLGL service and support model is uniquely designed around providing dynamic competencies, assigning of the right resources for the right job at the right time, every time.

Dedicated Client Executive

One of the most important roles within DLGL is that of the Client Executive (or CE). For each client, DLGL assigns a CE, a senior DLGL resource who along with his/her team will not only accompany you during the implementation but will be in charge of taking care of all of your future needs once you go live.

Our Client Executives are experienced DLGL employees that will provide you with services and long-term assistance throughout our relationship together.

Training Institute

Who better to teach you about a product than the actual people who created it? That is why we established the VIP Training Institute. The Institute designs and delivers high quality training on every aspect of VIP with the goal of providing your users with the skills and expertise they need to take full advantage of VIP.

All of the training is provided by members of our DLGL staff and is delivered in the manner that best suites your needs – in person at our location, in person at your location and of course remotely using a virtual classroom setting.