VIP - Project Delivery

Project Delivery

Proven Implementation Methodology

The services and work necessary to ensure a successful implementation will be provided using our proven delivery methodology - developed from over 40 years of experience with a 100% success rate!

Business Process Review

A Fit Gap Analysis to determine the customer’s exact requirements prior to entering into the project.

Software Customization

Modify the generic software, if needed, to meet any minor gap in required functionality.

Rule Configuration

Setting up the customer's specific business rules and policies within the application.

Data Migration and Conversion

Transferring the customer's current employee information into VIP.

Infrastructure Activation

Initial Test and Production Environment activations services.

VIP Training Institute (VTI)

Through our dedicated training institute, we provide all training in relation to the successful implementation and ongoing use of VIP.

Testing Assistance

We will provide assistance in all aspects of the testing cycle (unit, integration, regression and parallel).

Go Live Support

We will be on site to assist with the going live of the application.

Implementation - proven methodology
Our initial implementation services can be completely tailored to meet your requirements - from implementation assistance to full execution mode

Leverage the services you need when and if you need them!