VIP Integrated System

VIP Integrated System

One integrated portal for managing your complete Human Capital Lifecycle

Since its inception in 1980, DLGL has been exclusively developing and implementing Human Capital Management systems (HCM), specifically designed to meet the complex needs of large and mid-size organizations.

Our best of breed approach combines expert knowledge of the HCM field and state of the art technology. VIP is a truly integrated application from the ground up, offering the largest scope of functionalities available on the market.

VIP Modules

All aspects of the relationship between your organization and your employees, from on-boarding to off-boarding, and everything in between.

In one system.

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Human Resources

Employee Record Management, HR Transactional Processing, Position Management, Absenteeism Tracking, Labour Relations, Equipment Loan, Employment Equity, Reporting, etc.


Comprehensive Gross to Net functionality, Full Simulation, Automated Payroll Revisions and Retro, Year End, Third Party Payments, Automated Advance and Recovery Management, etc.

Health & Safety

Incident Tracking and Reporting, Employee Work Accident Administration, Provincial Reporting, Corrective Action Monitoring, etc.

Workforce Planning

Advanced Workforce Management, Virtual Punch Clock, Dynamic Assignment, Automated Vacancy Tracking, Rules Based Vacancy Filling, Call Management, Punch Clock Monitoring, etc.

Talent Management

Online Recruitment, Performance Evaluation, Succession Planning, Career Planning, Job Profiles, Job Matching, Applicant Tracking, Skills Inventory, Objective Tracking, etc.


Unlimited number of different performance plan templates, standardized evaluation factors, goals and objectives including cascading links from corporate objectives.


Complete recruiting solution including online job postings, applicant processing, applicant tracking and ranking, interview and job offer tracking along with a full comprehensive suite of recruiter tools.


Employee Training History, Job Training Program Definition, Automated Employee Training Status Tracking, Online Enrollment, Competency Management, Employee License, Bill 90 Tracking, etc.

Pension Administration

Comprehensive Pension Administration, Defined Benefit, Defined Contribution, Annual Statements, Retirement Estimates, Marriage Breakdown, Pension Adjustments, etc.

Employee Portal

Providing Employees complete access to their Dossier along with easy access to such frequent tasks as reviewing online Paystubs, reviewing Vacation Balances, submitting Expense Claims, inputting Timesheets, etc.

Manager Portal

Providing Managers with a comprehensive toolset to easily and effectively monitor, action, consult and measure all aspects of their Human Resource management, delivered directly to their desktops.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Complete library of over 100 dashboards and KPI’s leveraging the gold mine of data underneath VIP.

modules VIP

For a concise view of the functional areas managed within VIP, key design features and components, consult our 'VIP Bubble Diagram'.

Download ‘VIP Bubble Diagram’ (PDF)

Simplifying your complexity...'s what VIP is designed to do!

Your HCM needs the capability to manage your complexity while driving efficiencies and delivering effective process solutions throughout your organization


Benefit from the HCM offering the broadest functional scope available - all within a single fully integrated solution and database.


An easy to use interface with information 'pushed' to users via logically grouped summary panels that are actionable with a simple click.


The most configurable solution available for business rule definition, providing automated and consistent application.


Access for all from anywhere using any device securely via any modern browser.

VIP Interface

VIP user interface has been designed to facilitate access and enable actions for all types of users.

Immediate access to your data

Always only a few clicks away

VIP Interface - Always only a few clicks away

Navigating through employees made easy, with usage of scorecard and consolidated summary views.

Initiate actions quickly

Actionable Org Chart

VIP Interface-Actionable Org Chart

Initiate Employee movements or actions directly within the Org Chart.

Color coded dashboards


VIP interface - Visual

Use of icons, colors and symbols facilitate execution of complex tasks.

Step by Step approach

Task oriented

VIP Interface - Task oriented

Workflows are presented in a logical, sequential order to streamline their execution.

Strategic decision

Powerful BI tool

VIP interface - Powerful BI tool

Hundreds of dashboards to facilitate analysis, identify trends, and enable reliable decision making.

Intuitive data retrieval

Embedded ‘Google-like’ Search

VIP interface - Google like search

All VIP data is indexed and quickly retrievable by simply keying a few characters.

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